Friday, June 7, 2013

Beauty 911- Pro Pedi at Home

Give yourself a professional looking pedicure.

Step one- You need to get your feet by squeaky clean by soaking them.
1. If you have any polish on your feet remove all of it.
2.Fill up a tub with lukewarm water and put your feet in to soak. This will soften tough skin.
3. Add a bit of scented candles and scrub away. (try using a washcloth or small scrub brush)
4. Dry with your fluffiest towel.

Step two-  Shape up your toes and get rid of hangnails.
1. If your toenails are to long cut them. be careful not to cut them to short.
2. file the edges to make sure you didn't miss anything.
3. if your cuticles are growing over your nails push them back and cut them with cuticle cutters.
4. use a buffer to smooth the top of your nails and the soles of your feet.

Step three- Massage your feet with lotion. It is important to keep your feet moisturized.
1. Apply lotion to your feet.
2.hold your foot in one hand and your ankle in the other and move your foot around in a circular motion.this helps to loosen your foot.
3. Start at your ankle and go down to your toes with you thumb moving in a circular motion.
4. Put your hand into a fist to knead the sole and pads of your foot.
5. Don't forget to give your toes attention to! 

Step four- the part yo have been waiting for ( drum roll please) polish!!
1. Choose your color.
2. Start with one coat on each toe.
3.Add a second coat.
4. Wait for them to dry for a little bit and then do a overcoat.