Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY- Chanel drip logo tee

DIY- Chanel drip logo tee

Hi there so what you are going to need to do is:

- cotton t-shirt of your chose it can be any shape and color and obviously size

-  fabric paint (any color but try not to do the same color as your shirt because it probably wont show up)

- cardboard or clipboard

- template

- brush( it can be a sponge brush or a regular paint brush)

-paper plate


1. Start by getting your template and cutting the black part out careful and keeping the somewhat oval shape in the middle because you are going to need that.

2.  Take the piece of cardboard or clipboard and place in the shirt so that you have a base to paint n. its important to have this so that paint doesn't seep through from the front of your shirt to the back.

3.  Now take the cutout template and place it where you want it to be on your shirt also make sure to place the somewhat oval shape and place in the middle.

4.  Next pour the amount of paint you think you may need on your paper plate. Apply paint onto your brush and gently began painting over and around your template onto the shirt. Also while you are painting hold down the middle piece while you are painting over it. Remove the piece ofpaper once you are done painting.

5. Finally let your shirt air dry it should take that long.